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BC visit 21 October

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Visited with Infrared camera with aim to check if any thermal issues with party wall. Really cold morning so whole wall cold but evenly cold suggesting construction was consistent and that the assumed construction of the party wall, namely solid brick was correct.
One spot had a clear cold bridge, was wet plaster also, this area will be insulated. The spot is at the top of the wall above the top of the stairs. See photos, one in visible, one in infra-red.

Main purpose of visit was to discuss detailed placing of monitoring equipment. Each monitoring node will have an associated plug socket for the charger. The charger to be charging at all times, the node to be at 1500mm above finished floor, with power cable inside wall trunking. One in back bedroom, one in utility cupboard area, one in living room, one in kitchen and one in roof space. Main PC to be on panel at bottom of stairs also with socket, possibility of fixing touch screen, funds permitting and when all systems commissioned and working.

The relative humidity sensors were discussed and one placed. The aim of these is to see how the breathing construciotn works in practice. The sensor itself to go between the insulation and the wall for the three types of insulation, 1) internal sheepswool on external walls, 2) internal gutex on party walls, 3) external render system on external walls. Stand alone dataloggers with sensors on wires, the datalogger and protruding wires to be wrapped ready for final finishing at end of job.

Some discussion about the jablite floor insulation. This requires fitting to the slab, as the slab is not perfectly level, solution might be to have a 50mm screed but this would require more time and cost so perhaps the fitting the jablite is the cheaper option.

The concrete “pour” for the floor was more of a concrete “transport by wheel barrow”,  this was a compromise, between the extra cost required for concrete pump, extra space in residential street to allow this to happen and convenience of 3 hours of people wheeling wheelbarrows full of concrete. The total volume of concrete used was considered greater than volume of hardcore required but this ratio would be a function of the volume of the underfloor void, to my eye i would say the volume of hardcore, concrete and jablite insulation were similar.

A photo of the proclima membrane at the joint with the ground floor internal sheepswool insulation is also shown.

Videos from this visit, include

VIDEO LINK the solar thermal panels from Rotex that were installed this week,

VIDEO LINK a laser level used to check the height of the floor insulation.

VIDEO LINK the plasterboard surface of the 300mm roof insulation on the sloping roof in the back bedroom,

relative humidity sensor placing VIDEO LINK


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October 22, 2010 at 3:58 pm

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