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Anne Thorne Architects – Site Diary Week 2

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Stripping out & demolition works revealing a few unknowns, such as a set in flue for the old copper. we’re removing this chimney breast to give us enough room for MVHR ducts to rise from ground to first floor without making the bath smaller.

Sandwood have stripped of a top band of wall plaster below the top floor ceiling joists so the air-tight ceiling membrane can be plastered flush to the wall, using a Contega fleece tap from Pro-Clima.

A low band of external cement render is being removed from the rear external brickwork so the external insulation can be fitted flush to the wall without any air gaps that could cause condensation. This has revealed some poor quality existing brickwork that needs to be repaired, particularly around window and door openings.

The ground against the rear wall has been excavated ready for the below ground insulation that will help to mitigate the thermal bridge between the external insulation and the internal floor insulation. The psi-value of this junction has been calculated in THERM for an efficiently designed junction that reduces the heat loss through this junction.

Paul is keeping all material order invoices to allow calculations on the embodied energy of all the building materials used in this retrofit., which we’ll be comparing to retrofits using other insulation materials, as well as pulling apart the supply costs.

The internal insulation materials we are using (apart from the EPS solid floor insulation) are all natural materials, will significantly lower embodied energy figures than mineral wool or phenolic foams, as well has having hygroscopic properties to help manage moisture and water vapour within the building fabric and internal air.

Building Control also visited site this week, and had no issues to report, so good progress being made.


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October 12, 2010 at 2:34 pm

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